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Are you looking for solutions to pollution, waste and rising energy costs in your community, but you just don’t know where to start?

Do  you want to monitor where you’re at in your progress toward sustainability? Would your approach be different if you knew what to look for and how change really happens?

If You’re Interested in How to Create More Sustainable Communities… Read On.

You realize that climate change is – a serious issue – probably the greatest challenge of our time. And you understand that people are talking about it and studying it, but you want to find out what you can actually do about it?

Let ReDefining What Matters Help You Get There

ReDefining What Matters is a curriculum for people who want to learn about sustainability. This system lays out what you may already intuitively know. It is a newsletter that explains what sustainability is and takes an integrated, step by step approach to guide you and your company along the path towards implementation.

So What’s the Cost?

ReDefining What Matters™ is a free newsletter that comes – no strings attached – to your inbox. It’s free and always will be. There are other programs and services that we charge for, but as part of our mission, we believe in building capacity for everyone in this community. Go to the top of the page and enter your email in the right hand corner.

Purpose of This Web Site

We’re building a wealth of information for you to access on this site. With so much misinformation about climate change, what sustainability is and what it isn’t… we’ll set you straight on sustainability strategy, good practices and participatory approaches. We’ll also take you through a holistic process that integrates economic, environmental and social components into decision-making to create prosperous communities. If you’re interested in energy, local economies, governance, transportation, food, waste, social sustainability… its all here for you.

Why Subscribe?

* Easy to understand information in a comprehensive, accessible format

* Increase your knowledge about the most pressing challenges of our time.

* Receive an expert’s perspective on how to “join up” your thinking to arrive at integrated economic, environmental and social outcomes for implementation.

* Receive a powerful Bonus Report for subscribing.

The Bonus Report

Our expertise is at the cutting edge of sustainability. As a special thanks for joining us and to welcome you to our site, you’ll receive a special bonus report that retraces some of the most significant events and thoughts that have shaped sustainable development over the years. This report provides you with a foundation of knowledge to get you started that you’ll be adding to over the weeks and months ahead.

And Finally

If you’re interested in joining a paradigm shift and learning how to integrate environmental, social and economic conditions into pragmatic responses — you’ve found the right place. We’re based in Vancouver, Canada and give you a refreshingly Canuck perspective on what’s going on. Just sign up on the top right corner of this page, leave a comment in my blog and make yourself comfortable.

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David Hendrickson
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I would recommend to not only read, but also spread The Sustainability Revolution.

“David Hendrickson’s report on sustainability is very complete. And that’s not a small task: to tackle such a broad subject in its entirety almost seems impossible.

Yet, by way of posing gentle questions, finding the right illustrations and quotations, and explaining concepts with easy examples, David manages to give a clear presentation of the concept of sustainability.

Overfishing is one example of how a better technology, instead of being the remedy in which everybody puts their faith, becomes the problem, or at least makes it worse. Similarly, the very complex issue of externalities is perfectly illustrated with the Tragedy of the Commons metaphor.

A last comment: David’s greatest talent is probably to make this revolution acceptable. We need more minds like David’s!”

Fred Collay 

Hot off the press! The Sustainability Greenprint.

Interested in Sustainability, but Don’t know Where to Start? Click here for more information!


“ I have spent hours upon hours researching and sifting through hundreds of websites when faced with a new or old sustainability issue that is used by a colleague or partner organization.

“As a sustainability professional there is no question I am consistently working on ensuring I am up to date and familiar with the latest sustainability models and assessment systems, as well as those from the past. Furthermore, because of the diversity in the field, and the fact that every professional has his or her personal preference, it is near impossible to memorize every key word available to us. Now, with David’s book, I have an easy, quick guide to all of the major sustainability concepts. Not only does it provide you with a quick and easy to understand definition and explanation, but it provides links to expanded explanations as well as best practices where an example is used.

Whether your an experienced professional in the field or a just getting started, the Sustainability Greenprint is an essential guide for those trying to navigate the complex web that is the sustainability profession. With a combination of best practices and thorough but short explanations, the Sustainability Greenprint is a useful guide for any professional, no matter what your specific area in sustainability is.”

Duncan Wlodarczak
Sustainability Professional
Vancouver BC